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LifeSaver 1st Responder

The LifeSaver – Buying Time, Reducing Temperature, Saving Lives & Property


UK Fire & Rescue Services are under pressure to reduce fire fighter risk, operate with improved efficiency, protect the environment, and of course put out fires.

The LifeSaver is a 1000g stainless steel cylindrical unit equipped with a safety pin and fifteen second detonator fuse. It is designed for use by a trained first responder to slow down or halt the escalation of a fire.

Following extensive trials in Sweden, the LifeSaver now has a proven track record that forms a vital part of a modern fire fighting strategy. The research and trials were jointly conducted by key stakeholders, Including Government Agencies, Fire & Rescue Services, Lund University, and lead Insurance Bodies, This resulted in the LifeSaver being adopted by both National and Private Fire & Rescue Services as a fire fighting tool.

Deployment of LifeSaver is proven to buy precious time, by reducing temperature, knocking down and or extinguishing a fire, ultimately helping to save lives, property and the environment.

The unit will protect up to 12 cubic metres space, and may be repeatedly used without fear of either harm to humans or the environment as it is certified green.

Use of the LifeSaver is not limited to just Fire & Rescue Services. Private security business’s in Sweden are considering carrying the LifeSaver on mobile patrol vehicles, not just as a differentiator for their business, but for deployment should a patrol  discover a fire – which will help reduce loss and risk.

The LifeSaver may also be installed in a fixed position in proximity to a critical or high risk area, for trained use as an alternate means of first aid fire fighting say by comparison to a portable fire extinguisher, which would necessitate the operator getting close to a fire to be effective which is not the case with LifeSaver.

Please view and download the pdf Lifesaver FP1000M

To see a video of the LifeSaver being demonstrated in Sweden click here

The LifeSaver is now available in the UK – through our exclusive distributor, Trade Fire Suppression, West Midlands

FirePro UK are committed to supporting Operation Florian as its chosen charity in 2014, and have pledged to donate £1 for every LiveSaver supplied throughout the year

LifeSaver 1st Responder Kit    FP1000M

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