FirePro Leakage Compensation

FirePro Leakage Compensation

FirePro Leakage Compensation

As per ISO 15779:2011 there is no available method to calculate the hold time of condensed aerosol in an enclosure (other than an actual release which is not practical).
The standard mentions that the manufacturer of a condensed aerosol system can provide technical guidance based on empirical tests in order to define the maximum leakage area to volume (of the enclosure) ratio and validate that the minimum hold time is ensured. The protocol of these tests is described in Annex D.7 of ISO15779:2011.

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After conducting a series of tests according to this protocol with KIWA, FirePro has obtained a Declaration of Conformity based on the test requirements of ISO15779:2011. The declaration mentions that 0.17% is the maximum leakage area to volume ratio for ensuring the 10-minutes minimum hold time (as required by ISO, NFPA & CEN standards). Three consecutive tests (as required by ISO15779:2011) were successfully completed using the normal extinguishing application density.


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