The Lith-EX extinguisher is suited to a variety of fire scenarios including domestic (laptops, tablets, mobile phones), public spaces, public transport, vehicles, marine, aviation, industrial and leisure applications.

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Lith-EX extinguishers are ideally suited for Lithium battery fires such as those which may occur with personal electronic devices, for example, mobile phones and tablets. It can also be used to protect against fires where batteries are under charge, and where batteries are stored for example goods distribution, battery collection bins, battery recycling locations, public services, battery charging stations and many other scenarios.

Model Lith-EX
Capacity 400ml
Total Weight 450g
Total Height 300mm
Total Width Canister 65mm inc handle 95mm
Min. Working Temp. 5°C
Max. Working Temp. +50°C
Approx. Discharge Time Up to 35 secs
Approx. Discharge Range Up to 2.0 metres
Cylinder Test Pressure 182
Extinguishing Agent AVD (Li)
Propellant Nitrogen

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