Bulk Fuel Storage Fire Protection

Bulk fuel storage will usually include a range of flammable substances and may be covered under DSEAR / Ex regulations.

For rapid fire detection in either Ex and non Ex environments, the Securiton case study bank clearly demonstrates a wealth of highly reliable specialist detection products, that we offer. To learn more about the range of Securiton aspirating smoke detection systems click here. For harsh environments requiring accurate automatic fire detection then the details for the Securiton programmable linear heat detection system are here. 

For either diesel generator fire supression enclosures or diesel tank room fire suppression, we offer an internationally certificated, condensed aerosol technology, called FirePro, which may be configured either on a stand-alone basis or is fully configurable with any of the above types of automatic fire detection systems, or conventional fire detection technologies such as FPG flame detection, and or fixed temperature heat.

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FirePro is certificated and listed by BRE under the LPCB certification scheme and can be seen here 

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