Chemical Process Fire Protection

Chemical Process Fire Protection

Ambient conditions in chemical process areas present a serious challenge for most types of fire detection technology when it comes to accurate and reliable early warning. In most cases, smoke detection may not be suitable, which is where the Securiton ADW 535 linear heat detection system has significant advantages.

The system is fully programmable and will detect changes in temperature in room, ceiling or floor voids, cable ducts, and risers. It can be fully interfaced to plant or smoke extract systems, and much more. Click here for specification details.

We can also offer local in-cabinet application to rapidly detect and  automatically extinguish a fire, using the FirePro FPC-2 local fire suppression control panel, that will immediately activate up to four locally installed FirePro condensed aerosol fire suppression units,  (sized to suit the internal cabinet volume) as soon as a fire is detected. For more details regarding FirePro click here.

A standard linear heat sensing cable (rated at an appropriate alarm temperature) may be installed within the process machinery and connected to the FPC-2, (which comes with fire and fault output contacts for signalling requirements). Click here for FPC-2 product data details.

FirePro is certificated and listed by BRE under the LPCB certification scheme and can be seen here.

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