Cold Storage Fire Protection

Cold storage areas will vary in size and ambient temperatures, the fire detection must continue to operate at optimum vigilance to protect the risk and its contents 24/7.


Whether for production, packing, logistics or general cold storage areas, fire detection for these spaces must function reliably despite the environmental conditions of low temperatures and potential for condensation.

A build-up of condensation can generate a high false alarm rate and a marked deteriation in overall system reliability, not to mention a loss of user confidence in the system.

The Securiton ASD 535 family of aspirating fire detection systems provides efficient, reliable, and programmable fire detection of the finest particles of smoke, in cold rooms from 0°C down to –30°C, making it perfect for storage spaces of all sizes.

To ensure that air sampling within the protected space remains consistent and reliable heated sampling points are incorporated to prevent the build-up of ice. Condensation and dust infestation is adequately protected against with the use of optional condensation and dirt traps that may be incorporated into the system design.

With a maximum area coverage of 5,600m2 for a standard two pipe ASD unit, larger spaces can be easily accommodated using the Securiton networking facility.

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