Data Centre Fire Protection

Data Centre fire risks vary for both life safety, loss of data or hardware, business interruption, professional reputation, meaning fire precautions must be right first time, every time.

Environments for data centres vary from out buildings containing standby power generators and batteries, to internal office space, goods in, IT storage & workbench areas, not forgetting the inner core containing dense volumes of rack mounted computers equipped to deliver the computing power that our world demands.

Any early fire warning system must reliably combat high velocities of cooled air throughout room, floor and ceiling voids. False alarms are simply intolerable.

The Securiton ASD family of aspirating fire detection systems provide efficient, reliable, and programmable fire detection of the finest particles of smoke, in conditions of high air velocity by sampling air in all void spaces.They can also be configured to sample from the return air grille within each computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit.

With a maximum area coverage of 5,600m2 for a standard two pipe ASD unit, larger spaces can be easily accommodated using the Securiton networking facility.

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