Domestic Fire Protection

It takes just a small source of ignition and combustible material to start a fire. Manage fire safety in the home, have a fire plan, and always be prepared.

Every dwelling should have a fire plan so that everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire. You can learn more on this and general domestic fire safety here.

Whether in the kitchen, workshop, garage, or tool shed, a P50 portable fire extinguisher complements our product supply portfolio very well owing to its innovative, environmentally friendly characteristics.

The extinguishers are kitemarked, CE marked and supplied with a 10 year warranty (after 10 years the extinguishers can be refurbished for another 10 years service-free life).

Our P50 partners take care of everything and the price includes: a free site survey, extinguisher installation, extinguisher ID sign and bracket, the certification and some quick training to show you and your staff how to look after the extinguishers.


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