Educational Premises Fire Protection

“Shocking statistics ahead of the Easter holidays, which show that although there were 718 fires in London schools between 2009 and February 2017, sprinklers were only installed in 15 of these cases. In addition, almost one in five of these fires were set deliberately”. – ©London Fire Brigade


Fire Legislation, Regulatory Reform(Fire Safety) Order 2005, dictates the requirements for fire precautions in all types of educational premises.

Our fire systems technology may be tailored to provide for fire detection, from basic conventional to analogue addressable fire detection and alarm systems equipment, from Eaton Systems. This is ideally suited to common areas, classrooms, play and storage areas.

For higher risks, we offer aspirating smoke detection, and linear heat detection systems from Securiton of Switzerland, which may be suited to early warning of fire in science laboratories, domestic science classrooms, gymnasiums, high ceiling and void areas.

Our specialist fire suppression systems from FirePro may be used locally in cabinet, or protection of areas of high risk, where sprinklers may not be suited, or outside of budget. FirePro may be configured to operate either stand alone or electrically actuated, using most types of suitable fire detection.

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