Marine Fire Protection

Fire protection for leisure craft, luxury and workboats is a vital component to passenger and crew safety. FirePro has developed over time as the global No.1 fire suppression solution for marine applications.

From canal boats to luxury leisure craft, to workboats, FirePro has continued to achieve product certification in many markets to become the leading fire suppression solution for marine fire suppression applications.

With low cost of ownership, environmentally friendly, high efficiency, FirePro is safer to use than other agents and may be engineered for multiple configurations to suit numerous spaces and risks.

Approvals for the FirePro product extend across many countries and markets. In the UK, FirePro is certificated by MCA and BSI /MED Wheelmark.

The latest addition to the FirePro product range is the AMAC marine control panel from FirePro Benelux – for more information, click here.

We are also pleased to exclusively offer the full range of JK-e Denmark marine fire control panels, especially designed for FirePro fire suppression systems. For more information click here.

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