Places of Worship Fire Protection

“Fires can be caused by a number of reasons in churches, including faulty electrical wiring, heating systems and fire risks caused by church repairs and restoration. The use of candles in church, while being a very important part of worship, can also be a major cause of fire and serious injuries, if not used correctly”. - ©Ecclesiastical Insurance Group PLC

The burning of candles or incense in churches, synagogues, charity kitchens to temples, does not prevent us from providing solutions that give early warning of fire and full false alarm immunity.

Where premises security is not on site 24/7 rapid human intervention may not always be possible in the quiet hours therefore the need for automatic fire suppression may also exist.

With over 45 trained and certificated distributors that can design, supply, install, commission and maintain complete solutions, we have chosen a stable of fire detection and suppression technology from Securiton, FirePro and others.

These all fit hand in glove with each other, and we take the best advantages from the respective product manufacturers to engineer a bespoke solution for specific needs that does not come at a bespoke price.

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FirePro is certificated and listed by BRE under the LPCB scheme and can be seen here.

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