Professional Fire Fighting

Our professional firefighting solutions are tried and tested from European fire and rescue services with an unrivalled track record for both first responder and successfully fighting fires to extinguish and prevent re-ignition.


X-Fire of Sweden are an established specialist firefighting equipment supply company. Being ex-firefighters themselves, they are highly influential thought leaders in modern day approaches to fire-fighting, ever bearing in mind strict environmental controls and firefighter safety.

The FirePro Hero first response firefighting grenade, has been adopted by most Swedish fire and rescue services. There are positive deployment case studies demonstrating how life and property was saved, from domestic house to farm grain silo fires with its use.

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X-Fog is a fire fighting additive which has proven fire extinguishing capabilities with zero re-ignition potential. It is ideally suited for adding to mobile firefighting water tanks and as a pumped mixture with the Christanini high pressure firefighting lance.

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