Tall Buildings Fire Protection

There is no official definition of what constitutes a tall building, but the skylines of most cities around the world are all racing to tall taller tallest. Irrespective of how high or how old, whether residential commercial or mixed, the management of fire safety is everyone's responsibility starting (for the UK), with the responsible person downwards.


Fire engineering safety for tall buildings, ideally, starts with ensuring that optimum automatic fire detection is afforded to all common parts of the premises. From here, and ideally, respective usage of occupied areas may be assessed to ensure suitable fire detection measures are installed to warn occupants, and that the installed systems function as one.

With over 35 trained and certificated distributors that can design, supply, install, commission and maintain complete solutions, we have chosen a stable of fire detection and suppression technology from Eaton, Securiton, FirePro and others.

Electrical distribution rooms, common electrical risers, common areas, waste refuge, lift motor, plant rooms, vehicle parking all fall under the common parts.

These all fit hand in glove with each other, and we take the best advantages from the respective product manufacturers, to engineer a bespoke solution for specific needs that does not come at a bespoke price.

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FirePro is certificated and listed by BRE under the LPCB scheme and can be seen here.

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