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Fire Products UK (FirePro UK) supplies and fully supports a growing network of professional fire systems engineering specialists, covering the UK & Ireland with a range of quality, innovative fire engineering products to rapidly detect, alert, and suppress fire.

Specifiers, consultants, influencers, end users, and professional fire engineering systems installers, benefit directly from our "hands on" fire engineering experience that now exceeds 30 years. Our independence means we do not have to sell a product where it's not suited. The mission is to ensure the right product fulfils the right solution with simple, straight forward, technical & sales support.

Our product offering comes direct from manufacturers that are renowned for reliability, environmental and operating cost efficiency, and certificated to globally recognised standards. Nothing less.

Our flagship product is FirePro, an LPCB certificated fire suppression technology that directly challenges "traditional legacy engineering principles", without compromise to performance or safety. 

FGD flame and gas detection sensors offer state of the art technology with false alarm immunity and rapid response with optional video recording. We are also a trusted partner of Securiton Switzerland for their portfolio of products backed by proven case studies from all over the world. Our network of trained partners design, install, commission and provide after sales support for the above products in land, marine and offshore applications. 

The product offering is under regular review, so if you would like your product or service to be considered for inclusion in our portfolio, to distribute to our partners, let us know, by clicking here.

We actively contribute to professional networks, trade associations and industry experts to further enhance and improve the fire industry. Scroll down to see some featured solutions, recent case studies and our news section or to find an installer or to see our products click here.

Featured Solutions

Featured Case Studies


80 Strand, London

With 537,000 sq ft of floor space, let to various occupants, over 12 floors, the requirement for standby emergency power warranted the installation of 6 brand new standby diesel generators in a completely refurbished basement room containing diesel fuel tank therefore reliable fire detection and suppression system was not just vital it was essential.

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The Needles Lighthouse

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The Grand Mosque of Mecca

The Great Mosque of Mecca is the largest mosque in the world and surrounds Islam's holiest place, the Kaaba, in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Securiton was trusted to protect the entire premises with fire detection and alarm systems that remain vigilant to protect against fire to this day. For more information click here

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FirePro® has many approvals from recognised certification bodies around the world.

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