FirePro® FPC-5

FirePro® FPC-5

FirePro® FPC-5

The FPC-5 is a cost effective solution for In-Cabinet systems where the use of a more sophisticated control system is not required.

It is powered by a CR2 battery for up to 5 years operation. It has an integral heat detector or a linear heat detection cable can be used instead. All sizes of FirePro generators are designed to work with the FPC-5

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The FPC-5 has been developed to provide a fire detection solution where there is no reliable power supply or where only a simple fire safety solution is required.

The FPC-5 comes with either a built in bi-metal temperature sensor or it can be connected to a linear heat detection cable.

The bi-metallic rated temperatures are 60ºC, 70ºC, 80ºC or 100ºC.

See the resource section for further details.


FPC-5 Fire Protection Controller - Data Sheet (1).pdf Download File
FPC-5 Fire Protection Controller - Data Sheet.pdf Download File
FPC-5 Testing with Simulation LEDs.pdf Download File
FPC-5 Thermal Actuation Module - Installation Instructions.pdf Download File
FPC-5V2 - Bimetallic and LHD Sensor solution in Electrical Cabin.pdf Download File
FPC-5V2 Thermal Actuation Module - User Guide and Installation M.pdf Download File
FPC-5V2 with LHD cable and bimetallic sensor switch for feedback.pdf Download File
Installation and User Guide - FPC-5V2 Thermal Actuation Module.pdf Download File

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