FirePro® FPX103C

FirePro® FPX103C

FirePro® FPX103C

The FPX103 is a marine approved fire suppression control panel. It can be powered from the crafts 12 volt or 24 volt supply and can control and monitor up to 4 FirePro generators.

It also has two monitored detection circuits that can be configured for coincidence operation.

As it is only 83mm square it fits into the most crowded of control consoles.

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  • Dual detection loops with full fault monitoring.
  • Automatic extinguisher operation after shutdown.
  • Coincidence automatic activation logic.
  • Automatic Engine/fuel/fan shutoff capability.
  • “Spindown” delay ensures extinguishant is not vented.
  • Extinguisher activation button with anti-tamper tag.
  • Universal 12 or 24Vdc electrical power.
  • Low power consumption in “PARKED” mode.
  • Full fault monitoring on all detector and firex circuits.
  • Supports up to 6 aerosol fire extinguisher/generators.
  • Very low false activation potential, tamper seal on ManOp
  • The unit is reverse polarity, transient and EMC protected.
  • Custom behaviour logic available on request.

Shutdown and delayed extinguishing activation improves effectiveness and saves cost of extra extinguishant. Most existing extinguishing systems release the agent into a high airflow environment which makes it almost completely ineffective. Given that a 7 Litre 4 stroke engine at 3000RPM (that’s 50revs/sec) aspirates 175 Litres or 0.175m3 of air per second, add to this ventilation fan flow and the necessity for a shutdown with engine/fan spindown delay before activation is obvious.

The FPX103C has effectively eliminated spurious activation warranty costs which are regularly caused by the inherent characteristics of microprocessors, semiconductor power switches and inquisitive fingers. Our tamper evident tag technology and our strict electronic design rules have proven highly effective. To eliminate the inherent hazards of microprocessor control the FPX103C uses a fully parallel path programmable logic device, which is coded using a language called VHDL, commissioned by US DOD and used for high reliability and safety critical applications.


2-wire smoke, thermal or Linear Heat Sensors up to 50m are continuously monitored for alarms, open circuit and chassis faults. LED flash codes indicate the location of an alarm or fault condition.

An internal alarm sounder and relay to drive a loud external audible alarm unit up to 2 Amps are also included.

Uncommitted relay change-over contacts are available for fuel shutoff or engine/fan shutdown.

The delay option provides a selectable spin-down time so that the extinguishant is not wasted.

“PARKED MODE” is entered when unit senses that ignition is turned off and provides automatic extinguisher operation should both loops alarm - switching off engine during a double alarm will also enter timed auto activation mode (aka driver “legging it” protection).

There is an electrical input for an override key-switch to circumvent shutdown circuits for restarting.

 ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATION (at 24VDC supply unless otherwise stated):

Power Supply Operating Voltage 11 to 32v DC
  Quiescent current ignition off 8.5 mA typical (excluding external loads)
  Quiescent current ignition on 16mA typical (excluding external loads)
  Maximum alarm current 100mA (excluding external alarm loads)
  Parked current load 8.5mA typical
Suppressor Activation Discharge current 1A to 4A depending upon voltage and number of FirePro aerosol generators (1.6 to 3 Ω nominal each unit) Up to 2 FirePro generators on 12 volt vessels, 4 FirePro generators on 24 volt powered vessels. FirePro generators are to be connected in series with bi-directional catch diodes across each element.
  Current/Time limit Output is Vin via switch with 6 Ohms in series. Constant I2T limit = 9 Amp2*Seconds
  Monitoring current 300, 12V max o/c voltage
AuxIn (Override key) Monitoring current 1.2mA Nominal
  Sense logic Norm S/C, >1K active typ.
Sensor Loop Inputs 1+2 Max output voltage 12vDC regulated, filtered and transient protected
  Output current limit 25mA per loop


Alarm condition threshold  <700 Ohms nominal
  Fault condition threshold Approximately 20 kOhms
Alarm output Relay contacts 2A @ VinDC (Vin through NO relay circuit)
VFC Output Relay Contacts (volt free) 2A @ 24vDC (relay changeover contacts)
Mechanical Dimensions H=82mm W=83mm D=25mm
  Mounting 75mm diameter round hole, retained by 4 off self tapping screws.
  Connections Via 3 off 6 way terminal block accepting <1mm2 wires with ferules


FPX103C Fire Control Panel - Technical Manual.pdf Download File

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