FirePro® Sigma FPC-2V2

FirePro® Sigma FPC-2V2

FirePro® Sigma FPC-2V2

Now with built in Isolation Facility


The FPC-2 is a single zone panel that can control and monitor up to 4 FirePro aerosol generators. Designed for In-Cabinet fire suppression systems it can receive a single input from most types of fire detection technology.

Relays for Fire and Fault are provided for remote signalling.

A remote 24v DC supply is required.

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The FirePro® FPC-2 Panel Protection Controller enables monitoring detection and automatic extinguishing of a fire in an electrical cabinet using linear heat detection cable or automatic smoke detectors and FirePro® Aerosol Generators.

The FPC-2 has one detection input for connection of linear heat detection cable, smoke detectors or a combination of both which is monitored for disconnection of the detection devices.
Four outputs are provided for the connection of FirePro Aerosol Generators and disconnection of any of these will announce a fault condition.

The FPC-2 requires a battery backed 24V DC power supply capable of delivering 3A for a short period in order to operate the Aerosol Generators. Terminals are provided for incoming and outgoing connection of the 24V DC power supply.

Volt free contacts are available to signal fire and fault conditions to plant or other monitoring equipment. By selecting the appropriate jumper link arrangement, it is possible to signal an addressable input module via a simple, 2 wire connection.


Overall size 188mm x 132mm x 47mm
Construction 1/2mm sheet steel
Finish Epoxy powder coat
Colour BS OO A 05 light grey textured
Operating voltage 19 to 30 Volts DC
Standby current 18 milliamps
Maximum current 3 Amps
Fault monitoring Detection and actuator circuits (open circuit monitored only)
Cable entries 20mm knockouts
Terminal capacity 2.52mm maximum

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FPC-2V2 Fire Extinguishant Controller Manual Version (1).pdf Download File

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