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Safe Hybrid Vehicle Recovery

Safe hybrid vehicle recovery is proving a highly risky business, especially post collision. Designed by a team of battery recovery, fire engineering and vehicle transportation specialists, FirePro is just one part of the innovation that this solution delivers. Read more here.

Tim Rose of Bauer Media states “UK sales of new hybrid cars climbed by 20.6% in January 2019 as demand for diesel fell for the 34th month.” This statistic is just for the UK, whilst Europe and the rest of the world markets embrace hybrid vehicle technology, supported by various Government subsidies and allowances, to make the gradual change away from conventional petrol or diesel engine power.

This technology, whilst incredibly efficient, is very much in its infancy, and as a result, this evolving technology is presenting new challenges, in particular where fire safety is concerned.

Traditional vehicle recovery usually sees the vehicle picked up and placed onto an open platform, and where luxury brands are concerned, placed into a purpose built, fully covered specialist recovery truck. With Hybrid vehicles, especially where collisions have occurred, and may cause battery pack volatility, these methods are no longer safe, as the risk of fire or explosion is heightened.


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