25 March 2020

When it comes to diesel generator / fuel tank fire suppression systems, FirePro is now the established leading technolgy over competing technologies such as pressurised gas and water mist.

We are delighted to renew our membership and involvemnet with AMPS, the industry voice for the UK’s world-leading diesel and gas-engine power generating sector. By supporting AMPS at both national and regional levels in the UK & Ireland we can openly demonstrate the advantages of FirePro, which include: - 

  • No pipes or cylinders
  • No cylinder footprint space sacrifice  
  • No over pressure venting
  • Reduced criticality for room integrity
  • Felxible design and fast installation
  • Certificated by LPCB, BSI and UL
  • UK & Ireland network of 3rd party accredited installers
  • Certificated 15 year lifespan - no 10 year cylinder hydrostatic testing


See below for a selection of diesel generator fire suppression system images from recent projects


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