08 May 2023

If you didn't already know FirePro suppression systems are fit for use in a broad spectrum of industries, one of which might not instantly come to mind is the marine industry.

Fire safety is a principal concern for naval engineers. Fires may escalate quickly, causing massive damage to equipment, facilities, and the environment. More importantly, when they occur in remote areas where assistance is limited, they may result in serious injuries or loss of life. Fire protection at sea is especially demanding, with many requirements in place to ensure maritime operations are protected from fire.

Vessel and offshore fires usually start in engine rooms, machinery, electrical and control rooms, and storage. Fires that typically start in out-of-sight compartments are often difficult to access, making emergency fire suppression a challenging task. Ship owners and operators are keen to protect marine assets with the best-on-offer fire suppression systems. FirePro has proven to meet and surpass their expectations.

Naval architects choose FirePro as an effective means of fire suppression that meets IMO standards. FirePro currently protects at a low maintenance cost a wide variety of vessels, ranging from navy flotillas, cruise ships, ro-ro, cargo ships, and small boats to some of the world’s most luxurious yachts. With strict compliance with marine codes of practice and standards, FirePro systems are easily installed on new or retrofit applications quickly.

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