20 May 2020

The "Holy Grail" for all fire suppression manufacturers is to demonstrate that thier fire suppression agent is fit for purpose when it comes to protecting Li-Ion battery risks.

FirePro condensed aerosol has been at the forefront of extensive reasearch and development, in particular with the accredited laboratory, KIWA, Netherlands. Read more here.

This article explains exactly how FirePro is an effective fire suppression agent, and the work thats been done with both Samsung and Kokam, two leading li-ion battery manufacturers from South Korea.

Here in the UK we have direct experience of working with numerous containerised li-ion battery storage projects from single units to projects with up to 40 containers, all of which utilise FirePro as the fire suppresion agent of choice.

Our distribution partner network, are all 3rd party accredited for competency via either BAFE or LPCB schemes, which has been our product supply policy from day one.

To see the KIWA test report, click here.

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