27 April 2018


Lithium batteries are now ever present in devices from hand tools to the hybrid vehicles and more.

Whilst this is a positive step for the environment, the converse may apply in cases when malfunction occurs, resulting in fire.

FirePro has the ability to be part of an engineered solution to rapidly detect and efficiently deal with this hazard.

In South Korea the master FirePro distributor is now working closely with both Samsung & Kokam for fire protection in mass battery storage systems. 

The custom built containers store banks of lithium cells to store locally generated electricity, which may then be transferred into the national grid when demand requires.

FirePro is engineered on the volume of the protected space and linked to Kentec Sigma XT control panels fitted with automatic smoke and heat detection.

The master FirePro distributor in The Netherlands has now obtained certification from KIWA for the use of FirePro with Lithium Ion cell fires.  Please see the report by clicking here.


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