15 October 2018

Tagevac is probably one of the simplest, straight forward solutions to  managing the safe evacuation of people from premises of all types. We partner with them, as we live in the same world of fire safety, and see no reason why we cannot share and introduce their innovative product to our clients, collaboratively.

We were delighted with the turn out of over 150 delegates on the Tagevac safe evacuation day held at the Fire Service College, the global hub for firefighter development.

We were given the the opportunity to deliver our thoughts on what we term "intelligent fire suppression", and as the only active fire suppression specialist to exhibit and present, we took off from pole position to deliver evidence of how to detect fire at the earliest stages to create planned intervention and using the innovative range of modular FirePro control and condensed aerosol fire suppression, how to suppress and extinguish fire in local spaces, before a small event becomes a big problem.

Big thanks go to our Peter Blandon, QA and technical manager at FirePro UK for "holding the fort" - he did a super job handling a number of enquiries, and were delighted to be ably supported by yet another early adopter of FirePro and fire safety specialist, Allsaved Ltd.   




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