Construction Site Fire Protection

Each year fires on construction sites continue to put lives of workers and members of the public at risk, let alone loss of property.


Construction site fire safety is about prevention first and then ensuring people are suitably trained as to what to do when there is a fire. Suitable fire precautions must remain in place throughout the entire build programme right up to full completion.

Our solutions cover means of fighting fires, and the safe management of people to evacuate a site when a fire has been discovered.

On site hot works (brazing, welding, soldering, etc.) are an obvious necessity, but as past records show, it is an activity that needs close control, as does the recharging of portable power tools and various devices from radios to mobile telephones, as when damaged or over charged, they all present a significant risk of fire.

To help extinguish the early stages of fire in class A materials, electrical risks, and portable Li-ion rechargeable devices, the Lith-EX portable fire extinguisher is an ideal low cost solution that uses a unique patent protected content, called aqueous vermiculite.

At just 0.63Kg the unit is lightweight and small enough to carry. In fact, there is no reason why all site operatives would not be issued with one on arrival to site, in a simple belt holster, so that they are suitably prepared for early first aid firefighting, rather than running to a fire point for a conventional extinguisher. This means every site operative has the means to prevent a very small fire becoming a large one.

The Lith-EX is also wall mountable, so battery re-charging rooms, electrical switchrooms, and kitchen areas can all benefit from the added protection.

The Lith-EX is extremely low cost, maintenance free with a fixed 3 year life span. Click here for specification details

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