Road & Rail Fire Protection

The general public, commerce and industry alike rely on efficient, safe and reliable transportation systems and infrastructure. Only too often we see major disruption on our roads caused by fire, so protecting road or rail transportation from this threat is a vital necessity.


For rail infrastructure fire protection systems, we can offer solutions from a simple stand-alone FirePro extinguishing unit, with self-contained thermal heat sensor that will detect and release the suppression material in the local vicinity, (say a trackside cabinet), right up to a fully engineered system that will still detect fire, and simultaneously, send alarm and ancillary signals to remote locations.

With specialist kits available to suit most bus engine bays, FirePro remains a viable solution for the detection and suppression for vehicle fires.

For on board fires caused by faulty small rechargeable appliances, we can offer the P50 portable fire extinguisher range, which may be kept in the vicinity of the driver. The unit is extremely low cost, maintenance free with a fixed 10 year life span. 

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FirePro is certificated and listed by BRE under the LPCB scheme and can be seen here.

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