Food Processing Fire Protection

“Food and drink manufacturers should be taking proactive measures to reduce their workplace fire risk, following the publication of 14 new core requirements by the Fire Protection Association (FPA), an insurance broker has warned.” -

A number of UK food processing premises continue to either be badly damaged or completely wiped out due to fire. It’s a well-known fact that a high percentage of these businesses will not start again.

Fire system engineering in food processing areas must meet strict hygiene standards and requirements, minimise contamination risks, and most importantly, it must provide complete false alarm immunity whilst ensuring rapid reaction and warning of a fire.

We meet these challenges through proven technology from Securiton.

Securiton's ADW fire detection systems have distinct advantages over conventional point fire detectors for food processing areas as it utilises 7mm tube (Teflon, copper or stainless steel) to sense changes in air temperature on a zonal basis.  As there is only an air filled tube in the production area, it is easy to wash down and keep clean.  Something that standard point type detectors cannot withstand.

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