In Cabinet Fire Protection

The cost of investing in local application fire detection and suppression by far outweighs the total loss of the equipment it is protecting, not to mention the disruption to business. Our track record of engineering solutions that have saved many thousands of pounds of equipment is unrivalled.


Irrespective of the contents of the cabinet or its use, there is likely to be an ever present risk of an ignition source when things go wrong.

We can marry some simple yet effective technologies to deliver an outstanding solution for early warning with simultaneous extinguishing and remote signalling for local power shutdown, and other ancillary functions, all at extremely low cost.

The FirePro FPC-2 is manufactured by Kentec electronics. This unit has all of the facilities and functions to connect most types of automatic detection appropriate to the risk, (signal inputs) and provide outputs to release the local FirePro extinguishant, and activate ancillary signal relays.

FirePro is certificated and listed by BRE under the LPCB certification scheme and can be seen here.

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